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Giving four additional ways for earning currency in Dragon Ball Legends

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Dragon Ball Legends is the best options for action and adventures.  Such game gives stunning playing experience. The game is developed by the Bandai Namco entertainment, and the makers give his best in visual graphics.  It is free to play, and you can easily download the game by android store or official game website. For better playing fun we have to pay some amount of real money and add some new features. The value of a currency is big on the gameplay, and for that, you can check out with Dragon Ball Legends.

Four major currencies are used for playing, and names are crystals, souls, Zeni and Z points. Each currency is used for a different purpose; basically, they give some extra powers and boosters. By the help of them, we can open many new heroes for battles.

Open some chests

The game gives a chance for smashing much amount of currency by chests. They are the most usable factors for it, and most of the players are first of all hit on it. New chests are updating time on time, and you can open them.

Log in with Facebook

If you are radical for currency, then you can log in with Facebook and get some promotional rewards. Lots of rewards are available for achievements. By the help of it, you can grab new updates, news, and many more things.

Spend time on challenging events

Challenging events are perfectly designed for giving you rewards and currency. Spend much time on it and understand the value of it. The events are combinations of many small tasks and challenges. The players complete such events for currency and ranking.

Pay and get currency

The easiest way for earning is purchasing the currency by real money. For that, you have to go with some attractive offers. If anyone does not want to give money for it, then he can use Dragon Ball Legends Cheats.