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Covet Fashion – Design Your Master Piece

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Have you ever played a game in which you find lots of features? If not, then you should try the game called Covet Fashion. These kinds of game are made only for people who like fashion a lot. Similarly, in the game, you will find lots of attractive features and adorable outfits those are liked by you and other players of the game. There is no battle in the game, but still, you will face lots of complications in the process of collecting the currency.

If you are wandering that where players can grab free currency, then it is only possible with the challenges of the Covert Fashion game. You will find lots of amazing and adorable outfits in the game that will your impressive. Now I am going to share some valuable facts about the Covet Fashion game in upcoming paragraphs.

Key features of the game 

Now the time is to understand the best features of the game. Let me start from the Slide Bar Navigation. Basically, players will receive $5000 in the beginning in order to spend on the outfits. Instead of this, they will get a daily allowance of 100 diamonds and 20 tickets, which you get from the event rewards. If you like any outfit in the game, then it is possible to buy it in real life.

In addition to this, there are different brands which are available in the game those players can easily use in order to make perfect dressing sense. In the side bar, users can easily check out the home option. In this option, we can quickly check out the results of previous challenges easily. If you have earned any reward, then it is possible to take its information.

Role of Shop

Shop plays an essential role in the game. Therefore, you should buy the various outfits in the in-game mall. There are thousands of clothing options for the models are available for the players which they can quickly check out.